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Understanding Diamonds – What Are Diamond Accents?

Diamond Accents

To make a piece of jewelry stand out, designers often use different techniques to add a little extra sparkle. In the case of large diamonds, designers often rely on smaller diamonds – called accent diamonds, to add additional embezzlement to a jewelry piece. Therefore, accent diamonds are great ways to add additional value to a piece and give it more sparkle.


What Size of Diamonds Are Usually Used for Diamond Accents?

Generally, accent diamonds range from as low as 0.01 carats to as high as 0.20 carats. As their main purpose is to accentuate the main diamond’s glimmer and beauty, accent diamonds are always much smaller than the main diamond.


How Many Types of Diamond Accents Are There and What Are They?

There are four main types of diamond accents you might find on a piece of jewelry you purchase:

  1. Round Accents
  2. Trillion Accents
  3. Baguette Accents
  4. Marquise Accents
Different Shapes of Diamonds
Different Shapes of Diamonds

Round Accent Diamonds

Round accent diamonds are usually the most popular options for designers as they are extremely versatile. The simple shape of the round accent complements all variations of shapes and sizes in terms of the main diamond.

In most cases, however, round accent diamonds fill up the spaces on the side of a ring or the channels in a bracelet. More often, you will find that round accent diamonds work together to create a halo setting for the main diamond. Here, a smaller ring of accent diamonds surrounds the main centerpiece to provide increased shine and sparkle.


Trillion Accent Diamonds

Trillion accents are triangle cuts which provide the most intense sparkle among all the accent diamonds. Their shape makes them the perfect choice for three-stone placements. It’s important to note that, you should always pair trillion accents with diamonds with plenty of sparkly such as oval or radiant diamonds, otherwise the trillion accents will out-sparkle the main diamond.


Baguette Accent Diamonds

Going with their namesake, baguette accent diamonds have a rectangular shape. Due to their larger size and shape, they are usually attached to the sides of the main diamond to add extra sparkle to the entire piece. Additionally, because baguette diamonds have 14 facets, they do not outshine the main diamonds, unlike trillion accent diamonds.

Baguette diamonds are perfect for diamond rings and bracelets too due to their long rectangular shapes. Therefore, if you need to add some extra shine to your bracelet or ring, you can place baguette accent diamonds along the edges to add extra sparkle.


Marquise Accent Diamonds

Marquise diamonds come with curved sides, pointed ends, and have an oval shape. They look like baguette diamonds and their size makes them perfect for side embezzlements as well. As opposed to baguette accents, the softer curves of the marquise accent create a nice contrast with the sharp centerpiece of your ring. Moreover, they work well with round center diamonds. Therefore, their unique shape makes them versatile and allows designers to create exciting patterns on bracelets and rings alike.



When choosing the right accent diamond for your main piece, you need to keep in mind the size, shape, and spark of the accent. If you get the combination right, you can easily add more beauty, style, and most importantly, spark to your diamond ring or other jewelry.