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All You Need to Know about Melee Diamonds

Melee Diamonds

You may not have ever heard of melee diamonds, but you most probably seen one. Melee diamonds are tiny diamonds that are embedded together in jewelry. It brings extra spark and shininess to jewelry. If you want to know more about melee diamonds, this article is for you because, in this article, I’ll talk briefly about everything you need to know about melee diamonds.




All You Need to Know about Melee Diamonds

What are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds are small in size and weighs around 0.2 carats. However, most of the melee diamonds you’ll find usually weigh less than 0.2 carats. Melee diamonds can be small in size, but they add value to any jewelry. For example, melee diamonds can be used to surround the center of the stone. This creates an illusion and makes the diamond bigger. Also, the melee diamond brings extra shine and sparkle to any jewelry.

Melee diamonds have a variety of use. It can be used in engagement rings, earning, bracelets, pendants, and so on. It’s a perfect add-on to any jewelry.


Price of the Melee Diamonds

The price of the melee diamonds mostly depends on the size of it. As I mentioned earlier that the melee diamonds are small in size. That’s why they are not expensive compared to other diamond types.

The price of the melee diamond increases with its size. If you want a 0.20-carat melee diamond, it’ll cost you under 200 dollars. However, this price can fluctuate. So, the bottom line is that melee diamonds come cheap, and its price mostly depends on its size.

Melee Diamonds
Melee Diamonds

Cut of the Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds are cut with high tech machines in factories. With the help of high-tech machines, jewelers can produce high-quality melee diamonds on a large scale.

Melee diamonds are cut in two ways- single cut and full cut. Among these two types, single cut melee diamonds are rare and have a high value in the market.


Single Cut vs. Full Cut Melee Diamonds

A single cut melee diamond offers a mirror-like shine that will give you a vintage feeling. Also, it has 17 or 18 facets that make it similar to round diamonds. Again, melee diamonds can have extra facet points like- eight pavilion facets, culet, or eight crown facets. If you want a vintage or antique look in your jewelry, single cut melee diamonds can be your go-to option.

Full cut melee diamond has 57 to 58 facets. If you look at the structure of a full cut melee diamond, it has a table, 24 pavilion facets, 32 crown facets, and a culet. This structure allows the full cut melee diamond to reflect more light. Besides, full cut melee diamonds are a mini version of round cut diamonds. As a result, by using full cut melee diamonds, you can have more shine and sparkle in your jewelry.


Use of Full Cut vs. Single Cut Melee Diamonds

Single cut melee diamonds are rare and used in high-end Swiss watches and in antique jewelry. On the other hand, full cut melee diamonds are used in engagement rings, pendants, etc.