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What Are Raw Diamonds? How Do You Incorporate Raw Diamonds into Your Engagement Ring Design?

Natural Raw Diamond

Raw diamonds are essentially uncut forms of the diamond stones more commonly used in jewelry. Raw diamonds bring their sense of beauty along with their own sparkle and make for great additions to your engagement ring. Today, we’ll take a good look at what raw diamonds are and how you can add to your engagement ring to add more sparkle. Let’s dive right in.


Where Do Raw Diamonds Come From?

Raw diamonds usually come from ethical sources in the African continent, including countries like South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. In addition to the African nations, Canada acts as a reliable source of raw diamonds.

Raw diamonds retain most of their original look as jewelers will not cut them or thermally treat them to adjust their color. Moreover, as these diamonds are not heat-treated, they are cloudier than clear-cut diamonds, owing to a different look for your ring.

Blueish White Raw Diamond
Blueish White Raw Diamond

The Shape of a Raw Diamond

Most raw diamonds have a standard octahedron shape. Some diamonds called ‘alluvial diamonds’ that travel downstream a river before being collected have a smoother surface. The other type of raw diamond, called a ‘macle’, has a flat triangular shape. All three shapes of raw diamonds can play a role in accentuating the centerpiece in your diamond engagement ring. Therefore, you can mix and match between various shapes to add a unique look to your diamond engagement ring.


The Appearance of a Raw Diamond

Until recently, raw diamonds were underappreciated due to the rough shapes and colors. However, these days, people are starting to understand the merits of having a one-of-a-kind stone on their ring with a different color. Therefore, these uncut stones can breathe new life into your diamond engagement ring. Additionally, the uniqueness of a raw diamond makes it the perfect choice if you want to add a personal touch to your diamond engagement ring.


White Raw Diamond
White Raw Diamond

Incorporating Raw Diamonds into the Design of Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Raw diamonds allow you to play around with your setting and design. Cut diamonds can only be set in one way. On the other hand, raw diamonds can bring about unique designs and placements – particularly asymmetrical designs.

You can bring about the best designs if you incorporate raw diamonds with a central white cut diamond. To bring more color to the ring, you can add in additional colored gemstones. These will contrast the white centerpiece and help the entire ring glimmer more.

When diamonds are faceted, the goal is to increase visibility and remove the inherent cloudiness of the stone. Next, it’s cut in a way to fit the octahedron-shaped bezel setting on the ring. And so, if you put a raw diamond in this bezel of a cut diamond, it will appear smaller. Therefore, if you intend to use a raw diamond as a centerpiece, you might have to remake the setting for the stone on the ring.

Another design consideration when using raw diamonds is the prongs holding the stone in place. You will need stronger prongs to hold the oddly shaped raw diamond in place securely.



Uncut gemstones – particularly raw diamonds offer a unique touch with each ring they are used with. Your local jeweler should have an inventory of raw and rough diamonds to choose from as they vary in size, color, and shape. With this collection at hand, you can customize your diamond engagement ring to your liking using raw diamonds.