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What Are Blue Diamonds? Are They Real or Fake?

Natural Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds can serve as excellent centerpieces for your significant other’s engagement ring as they are very rare and incredibly valuable. Among all naturally occurring diamonds, the blue-tinted diamonds are the rarest and most expensive variants. Due to their rarity, customers often ask many questions about the authenticity of a blue diamond and how they come about. And to answer those questions, today, we’re going to look at blue diamonds in detail.


Are Blue Diamonds Real or Fake?

Blue diamonds occur naturally in nature with their signature ‘blue’ tint – and so, blue diamonds are indeed real. However, due to their rarity, you will often find real diamonds with an artificial blue tint. Despite best efforts, the artificially colored blue diamonds do not have the same luster as a naturally occurring blue diamond.

Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond

What is a Naturally Occurring Blue Diamond?

Naturally occurring blue diamonds often come in different shades of blue, including anything between greenish-blue and straight blue. Moreover, natural blue diamonds are the ones without enhancements that add in an artificial blue tint to them. To verify the authenticity of your blue diamond, have it certified by a verified diamond certifier.


How Rare Are Blue Diamonds?

Naturally occurring blue diamonds are very rare. Only a few mines around the globe are known to have blue diamonds. Moreover, due to the cutting and polishing process, these diamonds often lose their blue color and become bland. Therefore, to get the best blue diamond is very difficult.

Diamonds get their unique color from impurities present in the diamond’s structure. In the case of blue diamonds, these impurities are boron and nitrogen. And so, in addition to the normal carbon lattice, these impurities embed into the crystalline structure and add a unique tint to it. Therefore, the amount of impurities in the diamond, along with other factors of the stone, determines the intensity of the color. Generally, in the case of blue diamonds, the amount of boron impurity in the diamond will determine the intensity of the blue tint.


Are Blue Diamonds More Valuable Than Other Colored Diamonds?

Due to their rarity, blue diamonds are more expensive than other colored diamond variants. The exact price of a blue diamond is dependent on the clarity, cut, size, and most importantly, the intensity of the color. In addition to this, blue diamonds are in high demand by collectors and enthusiasts, therefore, they get purchased quickly as soon as they are available. As a result, given the limited supply of blue diamonds, they fetch high prices and are difficult to get a hand on.



Blue diamond engagement rings are beautiful. In addition to a unique sparkle, their blue tint symbolizes trust and loyalty. Moreover, it is the rarest colored diamond in the diamond family. However, due to the rarity, it’s very difficult to find a pre-made blue diamond engagement ring. But, if you own a blue diamond, you can order a custom ring once you decide on the setting.

Therefore, despite their rarity, blue diamonds are incredibly beautiful and can be used to make the best diamond engagement rings.