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Ring Enhancements for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Enhancer

Do you want to add a little extra dazzle to your diamond engagement rings? Look no further than ring enhancements which help highlight the center stone and bring out the beauty of an excellent diamond engagement ring. You don’t have to limit yourself to a diamond engagement ring through – ring enhancers work with wedding bands too. Therefore, you can plan, and get yourself a matching pair of wedding and engagement rings with compatible enhancers.


Matching Engagement and Wedding Ring
Matching Engagement and Wedding Ring


What is a Ring Enhancer?

A ring enhancer is a special band designed to go along with your solitaire style engagement rings. Here, the enhancer leaves room for additional diamonds on either side of the band to improve the overall look of the main ring. Ring enhancers add extra dazzle and spark to your diamond engagement ring by allowing you to add more stones. Therefore, the extent and cost of a ring enhancer depend entirely on the stones you decide to add to it.

Ring enhancers are the best way to refresh your original look without replacing the main ring or changing the original diamond stone. Therefore, with budget and style changes over the years, a ring enhancer can add a lot of value to your original ring.


What are the benefits of ring enhancers?

One of the best things about a ring enhancer is that you can add it at any time to breathe new life into your significant others’ diamond engagement ring. In many cases, you will find that more expensive diamond engagement rings offer compatible anniversary bands that serve as ring enhancers.

Ring Enhancer
Ring Enhancer

Finding the Right Ring Enhancer for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Now that you understand all the benefits a ring enhancer provides, it’s time to jump into what you need to look out for when trying to find one for your diamond engagement ring of choice.

1.      Style

The enhancer you choose for the ring should heavily complement the original ring. You can choose from three main styles:

  • The Circle Guard: These enhancers go around a solitaire cut diamond and create a full or partial guarded look. This adds a lot of shine to the main stone and helps it stand out even more.
  • The Side Wrap: These enhancers can go above or below the main ring.
  • The Dual Wrap: These ring enhancers sit on both sides of the main ring, giving an effect of three different bands. This setup holds the main ring in the middle and accentuates it.

Most of these styles boast smaller, brilliant-cut diamonds that wrap along with the enhancer band. Baguette diamonds are also a common choice as they add a contemporary look to the ring.

2.      Size

When picking a ring enhancer, you need to ensure that the bands are the right fit – just as you would with a normal ring. In addition to size, you need to make sure the band does not wiggle, add too much weight to the finger, and isn’t too tight to wear.



Matching the right enhancer with the primary engagement ring is fun and exciting. With a small investment, you can refresh the look of the ring and add some extra dazzle. And so, ring enhancers are great to have on your significant other’s engagement ring.