Be My Lady

Return & Refund Policy

Returns and Refunds Policy


30 Day Return Policy

We have a 30-Day hassle-free easy-return policy. Ship the ring back to us and we’ll refund the account you used to pay for your purchase. Our refund process is quick, easy, and guaranteed. Just return the diamond/ring/jewelry to us and we’ll get back to you within 3-5 days upon confirming that the product is intact and untampered.


Return Instructions

Ship To:  1168 Commerce Dr, Richardson. Texas 75081


Before shipment, please ensure that the box is not marked or labeled with “Be My Lady”. For additional security of your product, ensure that the shipping company has insurance for the delivery and keep all associated delivery receipts. Additionally, you may be required to provide the original invoice and diamond certification of the product within the package being shipped.

Once the items have been received, we will scrutinize them to ensure that the product has not been tampered with or damaged. Once the review is done, the amount will be returned to the payment source it came from within 3-5 working days at no additional cost to you.

The following product states violate our return policy and the product will not be refunded:

  • Tampered jewelry
  • Wear and Damage
  • Loose diamonds or jewels
  • Engraving or resizing by retailers other than Be My Lady

Please note that custom items or orders are not covered by our refund policy and therefore cannot be refunded. Moreover, additional charges incurred during the purchase and modification of the product are non-refundable. Finally, the product must be returned to our premises within 30 days for the refund to go through.


Resizing Rings & Other Jewelry

Here at Be My Lady, we offer free resizes for rings within 90 days of their original purchase. Therefore, if you’ve purchased a ring from us, ship it back to us and we’ll resize it for you. It will take about 10-15 working days to complete the resizing, and we’ll ship it back to you as soon as we’re done.

Some rings and other jewelry items, particularly ones with custom designs cannot be resized therefore please be sure to call us and ask about the resizing possibilities before you ship it over.

If you need your ring resized, go ahead, and fill up the ring resizing form/send us an email and submit a resizing request. Additional details will be provided to you via email.

Please be informed that, once a ring has been resized, it is no longer covered under the return policy.


* “Be My Lady” reserves the right to change the return & refund policy anytime.