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Guide to Buying Diamonds Online

Diamond Clarity, Color, Cut & Shape.jpg

While it might be a bit daunting at first to buy diamonds online, if you follow along with our guide, you should be set on getting the best diamonds for the right price. In addition to convenience, you get instant access to a larger collection of diamonds. Moreover, you can compare your choices across several online stores. With this in mind, let’s get into how you can purchase the right diamonds for yourself online.


The Guide to Buying Diamonds Online

The following steps are essential when you plan on buying diamonds online:

  • Get a good grasp of the budget you are aiming for. Finding the right diamonds which fit your stylistic tastes and fits well within your budget is a skill you must develop.
  • Find the right site to get your diamonds. You’re looking for a company that provides verified certifications and follows through on their promises to you.
  • Pay special attention to the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond you purchase. Regardless of whether if the diamond is for someone special, or yourself, you deserve the highest quality of the diamond.
  • Determine the setting for the diamond you purchase.


White Diamond
White Diamond

Set the Right Budget

Your budget dictates the size and quality of the diamond you can find online. Therefore, knowing your budget will let you make the best choice without spending too much. Therefore, the diamond you settle on should be the best you can get in terms of style, type, and size.


Assessing the Best Diamond

When choosing the right diamond for your significant other, the following criteria will help you judge the quality of the diamond:

  • Carat
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
Diamond Clarity, Color, Cut & Shape.jpg
Diamond Clarity, Color, Cut & Shape.jpg


Diamond Clarities, Colors, Cuts & Shapes

With high marks in all these categories, you’ll end up with the best diamond for the occasion.

  1. Carat – Carat or the size of the diamond is one of the most important factors when purchasing the diamond. It’s almost an art form to strike the perfect balance between the size, style, design, and quality of a diamond. The higher the carat of the diamond, the larger the size and greater the weight.
  2. Color – The color of diamonds varies on a scale from D to Z. The best diamonds, rated as D, are clear and colorless and are the ideal diamonds. However, their rarity also drives up the price of the diamond. Therefore, if budget is a concern, settling for a color grade lower than the D is completely fine and you will still have the same spark.
  3. Clarity – The clarity of the diamond indicates the impeccability of the diamond. Blemishes, scratches, and other small flaws are inherent to diamonds, however, the amount of these will directly impact the price of the piece. Therefore, when purchasing diamonds online, look at the different ratings in clarity to ensure you get the best diamonds within your budget.
  4. Cut – The quality of the cut of a diamond goes beyond just the design of the diamond. Here, you’re looking for the right amount of sparkle to ensure that the diamond your purchase is brilliant. While a diamond with the right cut is more expensive, the scintillation is well worth the investment if it brings a smile on your significant other’s face. Therefore, when choosing the right diamond online, look for the ones with an excellent cut.


Choosing the Right Setting

Be it for the perfect engagement ring or your family’s heirloom, getting the right setting for your diamonds is essential. While most people purchase loose diamonds to add to their family heirlooms, in the case of engagement rings, take your time and think about the perfect setting for your significant other before selecting one. If possible, include them in the selection process to find the perfect setting which fits their style. The best online diamond stores provide several customization options when it comes to the setting. Therefore, use them to your advantage and find the perfect one for your loved one.


Appraisal and Certification

Always ensure that the diamonds you purchase online come with their own verified certifications. Moreover, if the online store you are buying from offers their in-house certifications, it would be wise to get out and seek appraisals for external certification sources. This helps with the insurance of your diamonds and helps keep them safe.


Diamond Expert Checking Diamonds
Diamond Expert Checking Diamonds

Seek Online Expert Advice

There are numerous chat rooms, forums, or even consultants you can find online to talk about. Have a chat with one of the experts and they should be able to provide you with a rough guideline on where to get the best diamonds that fit within your budget constraints.


What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Diamonds Online?

First off, you get to shop from the comfort of your home. Without moving an inch from your couch, you get instant access to a wondrous collection of diamonds to choose from. More importantly, you get access to a much larger collection of diamonds than you would have if you were limited to purchasing from physical store outlets. In addition to a larger diamond collection, you get the option of choosing a custom setting for your diamond.


Synthetic Diamond - Lab Grown Diamond
Synthetic Diamond – Lab Grown Diamond

Best Online Diamond Buying Tips at a Glance

  • Do plenty of research
  • Narrow down your search by looking at the ones within your budget
  • Pay special attention to the cut, color, and clarity
  • Ensure that you are provided with property certifications
  • Verify the reports provided to you by a third-party and get your diamonds appraised
  • Before making your purchase, compare your selection with others in the same range, you might be able to find something cheaper which fits your specifications



While it may be daunting to purchase diamonds online, if you follow through on all the steps, we provided you should be able to find the right one for your significant other and make plenty of memories with a sparkling diamond on their finger. Therefore, enjoy an improved shopping experience and select from a wider collection when shopping online for the perfect diamonds.