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Getting the Right 4 Carat Diamond for Your Significant Other’s Engagement Ring

A Big Diamond

A 4 carat is more than just a jewelry piece – it’s an investment. Therefore, when picking out the right one for your significant other, you need to bog down, do your due diligence, and take notes to make the most out of your investment. And so, today, we’ll be looking at the most crucial things you need to know before buying a brand new 4-carat diamond for your significant other.


What makes 4-carat diamonds a big-deal?

With every carat, the price of a diamond increases significantly simply because larger diamonds are rarer and much harder to come across than smaller 1-carat variants. Therefore, in the case of a 4-carat diamond, you’re looking at an investment anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000. The price varies depending on the three defining qualities of a diamond – the color, the cut, and the clarity.


White Diamond
White Diamond


Getting the Right 4-Carat Diamond for Your Significant Other

When in the market for a 4-carat diamond, the following characteristics also factor into the price of the diamond.

1.     The Color Grade

The lower range of 4-carat diamond often sacrifices color to bring down their costs. Therefore, a cheaper 4-carat diamond will look more muted, and will often come with a yellowish hue. When it comes to budget, the color of the diamond usually gets sacrificed. Therefore, if you do settle for a budget 4-carat diamond, experts recommend that you couple it with a bright golden ring to mask the yellowish hue and add more charm.

2.     The Clarity of the Diamond

While it may be fine to sacrifice the color of the diamond, the clarity is where you shouldn’t make any comprises. The clarity of a diamond greatly impacts its brilliance. Therefore, a diamond with a lower clarity will not refract enough light and so, the beauty of the diamond takes a big hit. Hence, you should think twice before investing in a 4-carat diamond with a low grade in clarity with inclusions and blemishes along the body of the stone

3.     Shape and Cut

A round brilliant diamond is known to sparkle excellently and therefore is one of the most expensive diamond shapes you can purchase. In addition to the sparkle, the shape of the diamond defines how big it looks on the wearer. For example, a marquise diamond, with its vertical shape, will appear bigger when compared to that of a round-shaped brilliant. Therefore, as a buyer, if it’s important for the diamond you purchase to look bigger, hitting the right carat to weight ratio determined by the shape of the diamond is the right way to go.

Always pay attention to the cut. Without the right cut, your diamond will look misshapen and might even be confused with another variant. Therefore, pay attention to the grade of the cut and always opt for higher grade cuts when you can afford it. A poor cut makes for a less appealing diamond.



Whether you’re operating on a budget or going all-out, getting the right 4-carat diamond for your significant other is important. Therefore, keep a good eye on the color, cut, and clarity grades to ensure you get the best diamond for your loved one.