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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Diamond Engagement Ring with Gold

With 2021 right around the corner, a lot of couples are looking for diamond engagement rings to pop the question. If you’re one of the lucky few planning to get engaged in 2021, here are some diamond engagement ring trends you need to be aware of to impress your significant other with the perfect ring for the occasion.


Diamond Engagement Rings to Get in 2021

Try and get a fresh new look for your significant other in the new year with any of the following rings. To kick the 2021 engagement season off, the following diamond engagement rings are in high demand.


3 Diamond Ring
3 Diamond Ring

3-Diamond Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The 3-diamond stone ring has come back into style after a long time. However, it’s changed just enough to catch up with modern times. Now, instead of plan baguettes for the three stones, newer designs include diamonds with unique cuts and different cuts across the 3 stones.


Off-Center Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Here, the diamond gives off an illusion that it’s floating in the air and sparkling about. This ring is very fashionable and fit for almost any occasion – especially for engagement rings. If you can pick out a shimmering centerpiece, you’ll be able to impress your significant other with a marvelous diamond engagement ring. Off-center stone diamond engagement rings often come with modern clean line designs making them both mesmerizing and striking to look at.


14K White Gold 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Halo-Style Engagement Ring
14K White Gold 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Halo-Style Engagement Ring

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo diamond engagement rings are back in popularity and they’re bringing along a massive upgrade. Newer variations of halo diamond engagement rings contain intricate diamond designs that spread out in starbursts to create the halo around the centerpiece.


Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Creations

A lot of people are taking it upon themselves to create their own custom designs for their diamond engagement rings. With a custom design, you have the freedom to mix and match with a family heirloom. With custom designs trending, you need to find the right jeweler to create the ring for you – otherwise, you might end up with a shoddy ring.


14K White 1.5 Carat Round Diamond Semi-Set Engagement Ring
14K White 1.5 Carat Round Diamond Semi-Set Engagement Ring

Split Shank Diamond Engagement Rings

There’s just something intriguing and exciting about a band which splits as it nears the centerpiece of the ring – and so, it’s no surprise split shank diamond engagement rings are trending. This design highlights the diamond perfectly, takes nothing away from its shine and allows it to stand out as the centerpiece. If you’ve got your hands on a diamond stone you want to show off properly, opting for a split shank design in 2021 is the best way to do it.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for environmentally conscious couples looking for sustainable alternatives to a traditional diamond. These diamonds aren’t mined and are easier to obtain, therefore, expect a lot of jewelers to carry lab-grown diamonds to meet the trend demands of 2021.



If you want to hit the right balance between simplicity and beauty, the trending rings of 2021 are the right choices for your significant other. They’re both eye-catching and timeless pieces. Therefore, signify a strong connection with your spouse with any of the rings you’ve seen today and get yourself a top-notch diamond engagement ring for 2021.