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5 Hottest Jewelry Trends For 2020

Pearl Jewelry

Every time we need to accessorize our outfit, beautiful pieces of jewelry come to the rescue. Whether it is a statement earring or a chunky neckpiece, with the right jewelry, you can bring your A-game and make your outfit even more stylish. And with hottest jewelry trends of fall 2020, you are bound to be playful and chic.


Top 5 2020 Hot Jewelry Trends

Colored Gemstones
Colored Gemstones – Real Gems Including Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite, Sun Stone, Tourmaline, Peridot, Aquamarine, Topaz and Blue Zircon.

1.     Colorful Stones

Colorful pieces of jewelry were a hit on the runways this year and top designers were not afraid to play with the proportions of the pieces. If you want to bring out the most fashionable image of yourself and want to add a playful, oomph factor to your fall outfit, then adopting pieces of jewelry with colorful stones would be just the perfect pick for you. The bright, colorful hues from your statement pieces will not only add the right amount of cheer and visual interest to your otherwise, “meh” outfit instantly but would also make you stand in the crowd.

2.     Dangle Earrings

At the Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show Runway, fashionistas witnessed a new trend on the models – models paired their ornate gowns and party wears with collarbone-length dangle earrings. Even though these danglers are extra-long and extra-chunky, they would surely add extreme drama and visual interest to any of your looks. From evening wears to casual cardigans, don’t shy away to accessorize your outfit with these amazing earrings.

Mismatched Earrings
Mismatched Earrings

3.     Mismatched Earrings

A trend that we witnessed all over the Fall Winter 2020 fashion week runways is the mismatched earrings. From trying different shapes to introducing new sizes, colors, and patterns, designers didn’t leave any stones unturned while creating two different earpieces for your two ears. However, even though trying out mismatched earrings is the new trend of the season, you can also buy two same earrings if you want to.


4.     Statement Chokers

On the spring and fall 2020 runways, statement chokers, and necklaces made their appearance on the models – they were a “thing” for this collection. While Gucci piled on two of the statement chokers together, Moschino used one set of layered chokers to draw attention. This trend is super-hot and happening right at the moment.

Don’t shy away from adding extravagant chokers in your outfit this fall. Accessorize your V-neck sweaters and knitted cardigans with statement pieces to elevate the look. Remember that, the accessory mantra of this season is “go big or go home” and you obviously don’t want to go home and miss the fun of the season.

Pearl Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry

5.     Pearls, pearls, and pearls

Pearl jewelry never goes out of style and it will be big in the new decade also. This precious material has evolved into one of the most popular trends for 2020. Runway designers rebranded the pearl jewelry so that rather than adding a sophisticated touch, these pieces will add funk and playfulness to your look. From sculptural shapes to adding them into statement pieces, designers tried to incorporate both faux pearl and real pearl into their pieces to add a touch of femininity yet chicness to your outfits.