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4 Factors to Consider while Picking the Right Kind of Diamond


If you’re reading this blog, I am sure you’re planning to buy a diamond for your loved one or yourself. But choosing the right kind of diamond isn’t an easy task. You’ll have to consider the shape of the diamond and also the taste of the person.

Sometimes, movies and tv commercials make it harder for you to choose the right kind of diamond. But no worries. In this article, I’ll talk about a few factors to consider while picking the right kind of diamond for you and for your dear one.


Top 4 Factors to Consider while Picking the Perfect Diamond


Diamonds - Different Shapes & Sizes
Diamonds – Different Shapes & Sizes


1.    Shape

The first thing you’ll have to consider is the shape of the diamond. A diamond is a piece of precious jewelry, and generally, people use the same diamond ring or ornament for years. That’s why you’ll have to choose a shape that can be worn easily or matches with the personality. However, this rule can opt for fancy diamond jewelry.

The round-shaped diamond is evergreen, and it is never out of fashion. Also, the round-shaped diamond increases the personality of the user and easy to wear.

Next thing, you’ll have to consider the length to width ratio of the diamond. A perfect length to width ratio diamond increases the beauty of a diamond.


Diamonds - Different Shapes, Sizes & Colors
Diamonds – Different Shapes, Sizes & Colors


2.    Color of the Diamond

The color of the diamond has an impact on the quality and price of the diamond. It’s obvious that you won’t see the difference with a naked eye. But while buying a diamond, you should consider a light-colored diamond. The lighter the color, the more valuable and rarer the diamond is.

The best quality diamond starts from the “D” grade and finishes with the “Z” grade.

If you want a top-quality diamond, you should start from the “J” graded diamond or higher.


A Big Diamond
A Big Diamond


3.    Cut of the Diamond

While buying a diamond, you’ll have to consider the cut of the diamond too. The cut of the diamond determines three aspects of the diamond.

If the diamond is well cut, the light will reflect from it. Besides, you can see color through the diamond. Finally, a well-cut diamond will stand out from all, and you will be able to see the diamond’s shine from a long distance.

These three aspects are necessary for a diamond, and because of these three aspects, the diamond is considered as the sign of the elites.

That’s why while buying a diamond, check all these three aspects and buy the best-cut diamond.


4.    Carat

And finally, you’ll have to consider the carat of the diamond. Carat is used to measure the unit of weight of the diamond. But don’t mix carat with the size of the diamond. For diamond, 1 carat is equal to 0.20 grams.

But the price of the diamond doesn’t solely depend on the carat weight. You’ll see two diamonds are of the same carat weight, but their cost will be different. This price depends on the few factors such as the carat weight, cut of the diamond, color, shape, etc.